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Innovation Academy is well experienced in IT education with over 8 different IT categories and 100+ training courses which help to develop Generation Z to be an all round workforce and get ready for their future career development. The programs equip students with the skill sets necessary to drive IS and IT to meet business needs. However, through the Program you will gain the necessary skills, theory and knowledge to excel in the strategic planning, analysis and management of IS/IT in consultation with both internal and external clients.

What is

CO-OP Program?

Co-op Program = Academic Education + Internship + Employment

Internships exist in a variety of forms: some are paid, some are not; some give college credit and some do not. The difference between an internship and other forms of employment is that all internships–no matter what kind–provide career-beginners with a temporary, “test-it-out” career-related experience.


Our school partners with employers to offer all kinds of internships to meet your needs; whether you just want some related experience to test a career interest or you want a structured, credit-bearing experience through Cooperative Education.

Information Technology Program

Management Trainee Program

Co-operative Education on Information Technology  ( Mainframe + Java ) 

Fintech Program

Co-operative Education on Information Technology ( Bigdata + AS400 ) 

Part Time - IA2020IT-01PS

Part Time - IA2021IT-02PS


COBOL FINTECH Education Program on Information Technology ( Mainframe  Cobol ) 


Program Detail
Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 5.19.00 PM.png


8 Weeks ( 2 Month)


16 Weeks ( 4 Month)




Program Language


  • JAVA Programming and Design

  • JDBC Programming

  • Web-Server Developing

  • Web Front-End technology

  • Spring5.x Framework


  • Spring Cloud technology

  • Linux Shell Scripting

  • Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming

  • Big Data Technology

  • AI & ML Introduction

  • BlockChain Introduction

  • •Assessment


  • File structure

  • Job Control Language

  • COBOL Programming

  • VSAM


  • CICS

  • DB2 Programming Fundamentals

  • Easytrieve Introduction

  • REXX Programming Fundamentals

  • z/OS Utilities

  • Assessment

  • Course Final project


  • Create CL programs

  • Create Logical Files;
    Develop ILE RPG Program to practice

  • Design a user well formed printer file & Develop RPG Program

  • Design a user friendly screen (display file) & Develop a RPG Program

  • Design a user friendly screen (display file) with sub file formats Create RPG program 

  • Create a RPG program which can handle




Program Director

  • 35 Years Information Technology Professional

  • Executive Vice President of CLPS Corp. (Nasdaq listed)

  • Former Senior Vice President of Citigroup 

  • Advisory Committee in Government, and Banking sector.  


Donald Cao

Program of Trainer

  • Master Degree from Computer Information Management at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. 

  • Chief developer of JAVA application in MNC. 

  • IT expert in banking and finance industry


Joe Peng

Senior Trainer

  • Professional lecturer of Java, HTML, Web-Services, Spring

  • Participate in EIS (Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions) & NetWorx 2.0 for Federal government.

  • Career advisor in IT Industry 

Enroll Today !

  Entry requirements:        

  • Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination with five grades of Grade E / Grade 2 or above, including English and Chinese, or equivalent

  • Applicants may be required to attend interviews and / or aptitude tests

  • Be 18 years or older. If necessary, applicants must pass interviews and / or aptitude tests

  Registration method:        

All course places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Any incomplete forms or tuition fees will not be processed by the School. The deadline for registration is seven working days (excluding Saturdays) before the start of each class. Notice of Successful Courses Successful applicants will be notified at least three working days before the course starts by using the contact method specified by you.


Our education department will not be held responsible for the notice of class loss due to mailing errors. If you have not been notified before the course starts, applicants can call our education department for enquiries (Tel: 3543-0700). Tuition fee / receipt all tuition fees paid will not be refunded except for the application rejected by the student or cancellation / rescheduling of the selected course. Tuition fees and places cannot be changed (including transfers) or transferred.


  Register online:     

1. Press the "Online Registration" button in the upper right corner

2. Complete the online registration form

3. Upload copies of required academic qualifications and supporting documents

4. Payment of Course Fees (Pay by crossed cheque made payable to "Hong Kong Multimedia Design Association Limited")

5. Please mail the original cheque to the hospital or submit it in person. Please write your full name and the name of the course you are enrolling on the back of the cheque or transaction notice.


Our office address: Room 307, Youth Square, Chai Wan, Hong Kong (Please specify: Information Technology Program)




How to register and inquire   Ms. Wong  Tel: 852-35430700,   Email:


Information Systems (IS) is one of the fastest growing areas of business and employers are seeking tech savvy graduates to hop into the driver's seat. Graduate demand in this area has grown rapidly over the last decade and there are many exciting career opportunities available locally and abroad.

As a IT Co-Op graduate you will be in high demand from industry and the government sector, including banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, IT and consulting companies, and government organisations, as well as mining and network productions !

Our program offer  Academic Education   +    Co-operative Training    +    Employment Referal      =      Your Career Path  


Career opportunities for IT Co-Op graduates are wide and varied and greatly depend on the individual's interests and pursuit of specialist areas.

Some examples of roles Co-op alumni have pursued upon graduation are:
  • Chief Information Officer

  • Business Development Manager - IS/IT Solutions

  • Principal Technical Lead

  • Portfolio Test Manager

  • Systems Development Manager

  • Database Manager

  • Business Analyst / Systems Analyst

  • Communications Network Analyst

  • Enterprise Systems Specialist

  • Project Management Specialist

  • e-Business Specialist

  • Consultant - Information Systems / Information Technology

  • Information Systems Security Consultant

  • Release Manager

Market Salary Guide as of Jan, 2019

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 6.04.42 PM.png

Joining this programme, I have a deeply understanding about digital industry, given me insights into different IT roles and duties that helping my career path development.


Throughout the 3 months training, I have learnt and developed a solid IT knowledge such as Java and Mainframe, which equip with the business domains in banking and finance and a market required skillset. After the training, I was assigned to one American Bank for my on-job training where I’m having a great time, as I can apply knowledge that I have learnt from the courses to a real workplace practically.


I feel so thankful about being trained up with tons of practical exercises in class so that I could able to adopt to new environment. Hoping that I can encounter the difficulties and grown as a professional in future.

Karol Guo 

Developer in Core Banking


With array of practical tasks and assignments in training that have made me confused and stressed as a starter. I paid extra effort in revision when I encountered the hard time in C++ and mobile app development.


After the course completed, I have been assigned to one American Bank  – Digital Team for on-job-training, I am given lot of opportunities tackling the new and challenging tasks with my learning outcomes and strive the best in my position. 

Joyce Cai 

Programmer in Digital Department

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