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CIBS Project   I   社區青年音樂會  (Community Youth Concert)

What is it about ? 


Hong Kong Multimedia Design Association will be the interviewing 13 groups of busking teams and youth among communities.

Busking culture has been getting popular for these few years. During the program, we will invite different youth to perform their music on air and share the joy of the culture.


1st Recording Tender

Request date: 13th August  2018

Request a quotation on studio services for 70 hours of works on "社區青年音樂會" for RTHK's CIBS program, with the following conditions:

Facilities to record voice work and interviews for radio broadcasting.

Qualified sound engineer consultant to assist with recordings and offer editing assistance as needed.

Staff with native or near-native Cantonese skills. Staff must have an ability to explain audio editing techniques and process in detail in Cantonese. They must be able to communicate effectively to ensure a smooth editing process and that the final product meets the standards of the producer.

Recording booth that can accommodate up to 4 people and round table discussions.

Recording booth with separate control room.

Flexible times and dates for recordings, due to the nature of the intensive weekly production and interviewees schedule.

Produce quality, professional sound recordings.

*** Please mail your quotation to us on 17th August before 12:00pm. Official copy of the quotation is require with company chop or signature. 

*** Enquiry contact :  Aska Yeung - 852 35430700


Our mailing address is;

Attention : Aska Yeung 

CIBS Tendering Quotation

Hong Kong Multimedia Design Association

Flat 703B, Hong Man Industrial Center,

2 Hong Man Street, 

Chai Wan, Hong Kong 

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