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NFT (Non-fungible token), a form of one-of-a-kind unique digital asset, has taken the world by storm this year. The showcase section introduces several local cross-sector artists and youth creators to visitors. The 30 NFT artworks include "cyberpunk" and "magical" styled works by digital illustrators, computational media artists, the composer "Wood 3" and young art creators — providing a glimpse of local talent to the art collectors of the Metaverse.


While appreciating the artwork, visitors can communicate with the creators' digital works in real-time through the "Co-Creation Experience Installation". Its inherent interactivity enhances the experimental and fun nature of the works, bringing infinite possibilities to art.

Aska Yeung


圓形能夠充分代表虛幻與存在之間的世界。 當點連接成為線,無限伸延的空間成方圓。本作品靈感來自藝術家單座予太陽,日落,月亮, 並以相對論所提出的「所有自然定律不變」為創作概念。當世界在變,你的過去,現在和未來也是根據軌跡的不變。圓的世界代表最接近不變。 作品代表人生中的不變定律及在改變中不變, 並以共500幅作品系列來呈現。 人生中的色彩鮮明,黑白無常,更在作品中以多幅作品呈現。




Teresa MoSa

LiNii - 崩解與淨化系列

Lilith利利斯象徵著破壞的力量, 而Nibiru利比奈象徵著淨化的力量.
成長中經常避不開觀念上的崩解及經歷中的淨化, 這兩種截然不同的效果透過擬人化顯然, 互相交織平衡著......

鄧柏康 Tang Pak Hong



鄧柏康 Tang Pak Hong



Megan Wong

Para Bellum

The shining armour of the soldiers catch the languid rays of the setting sun as they ride into battle.

Erica Tango


This digital piece portrays a surreal scene combining Chinese and Japanese influences. They reflect a multicultural view of a dreamlike hidden site – with the cascading clouds referencing the style of traditional Japanese prints. In addition, the dragon guards are commonly used in Chinese architecture, symbolising potent, auspicious powers and protection. While the fisherman sails away from us, his future becomes a mystery, as we are lost in the reverie of the digital world behind the entrance.


In Memory of the Victims of COVID-19

This collection contains a series of original music written by Hong Kong renowned composer Anthony Cheng. Cheng expresses his sentimental feeling of looking back on memories for those who were died due to COVID-19 worldwide via the power of music. These compositions are generally categorised by countries and every piece is labeled by a number - the sequence of the piece being written.

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